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Volunteering opportunities with SLV.

Message from SLV:

"Our Mental Health Placement involves working on a multitude of projects in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. Your students taught English to members of the local community who were of various ages and socioeconomic backgrounds and they also ran therapeutic activities for people with various disabilities and those living with mental health issues in Sri Lanka who reside in institutionalised care. We believe we provide an opportunity for students who study Psychology to gain valuable hands-on Psychology work experience. Your students were extremely positive, hard working and committed to the projects which has meant that our organisation has improved greatly as a result of their hard work.

We greatly value students that study Psychology, as they have the skill set that we are looking for, particularly in relation to our Mental Health Placement. Our organisation was founded by Psychology graduates and our main focus is to bolster the severe lack of resources within the facilities where we work. This, in turn, promotes a greater understanding within the Sri Lankan community of those marganilised by poverty and circumstance. Our training is provided by Sri Lankan mental health professionals who are always there to support our volunteers.

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Hi Everyone,

LEAPS (Lothians Equal Access Programme for Schools) is a local organisation working with high schools to provide pupils with information about opportunities in higher education and the realities of students life.

They are currently looking for volunteers to help with workshops/on-campus events and are holding an Information and Training session here at Heriot-Watt on Wednesday 15 October from 6.15-8.15pm in MB G20.

To participate you must be in year 2 or above and be enthusiastic about the 'student experience' and be willing to share this with others.

For more information and to book your place on the Info/Training session, please visit: