Labs Booking System

    Welcome to our Lab Booking System.


    The labs are located in Lord Balerno Building (LBB), top floor, next to main reception. The LBB is located at building number 9 on the map.


    Please note:

    1. No block bookings i.e. multiple bookings per day for multiple days or weeks.
    2. No food, drinks or mobile phones. Only bottled water is allowed.
    3. This is a testing area and noise should be kept to the minimum.
    4. If you plan to use a lab for your experiment it is strongly suggested to pay a visit to the labs first
      before you conduct your experiment. 
    5. Bookings for the next year will not be accepted by the system even if you receive a confirmation email (the slot will appear and be free)


    You should read the following Risk Assessments prior to using the any of the labs listed below.

    Risk Assessment for the Labs 2a – 6b , Observation Room 2 (20/02/2017).

    Risk Assessment for the Driving Simulator Lab (20/02/2017).

    Risk Assessment for using the Eye Tracker (20/02/2017).


    To book a lab click one of the lab locations in the table below. If you see the error "Unknown MySQL server host '' (0)" please try again in 5 mins.  

      Lab LBB 2.b   Lab LBB 3.b
      Lab LBB 4.b   Lab LBB 5.a
      Lab LBB 5.b   Lab LBB 6.b
    Driving Simulator & Eye Tracker   Observation Room 2


    Labs Layout - Click on the image to enlarge

    labs layout

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