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    What is the StReP credit system? Why should I earn credits?

    StReP (Student Research Participation) is a system that is used by the Psychology Department to allow students to gain experience of different experimental approaches and techniques which will help them to carry out their own research during the final year project. It is a requirement for all 1st, 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate students to gain 4 credits every semester (non-transferable to next semester) through the StReP system. Please click here for more information and for Guidelines for Participants.


    How do I earn credits?

    Every time you sign up for a study through StReP you get credits. The number of credits depends on how long the study is. Currently the system is set up to allocate 1 credit per 30mins of participation time (or 0.5 credits for 15mins intervals. You are required to earn 4 credits per semester. Failure to do so will result in a deduction of 5

    marks of you RMA mark for the semester you didn't earn credits for (e.g. from 85 to 80).


    I noticed some studies do not offer credits.

    This is correct. Some studies offer monetary incentives (typically in the form of lottery draw) instead of StReP credits and therefore you will not gain any credits by participating to such studies. This is explicitly mentioned in the study's information page in StReP so make sure you read it before you participate to such study. This type of incentive is approved by the Ethics Committee. 


    This semester I earned more than 4 credits. Can I transfer the additional credits to next semester?



    I participated in a study that was not through StReP (e.g. in-class activity, direct link to an online survey I received through email, e.t.c.). Will I receive credits?

    It is impossible for StReP to know in which studies you participated in when these take place outside of the StReP system. Therefore, unfortunately, you will not receive any credits for these studies. This should not stop you, however, from participating in these studies; as noted above, apart from helping your colleagues to gather data, participating in studies has a very important pedagogical purpose, too. It allows you to familiarise yourself with the procedures involved in a study, you get to know different experimental methods and you become part of the research community. All these are very important when you will become a researcher yourself for your 4th year project.


    Sorry I forgot to participate to any studies. Can I do 8 credits next semester instead?

    No. See point 1 above.


    Sorry, I was too busy/I didn't know/I was not informed.

    It's part of your course requirement to earn these credits. Students are informed about the StReP credit system through CANVAS, our Psychology Webpages, in the class by the RMA tutors, and even through social media (i.e. our Facebook page and Twitter). The Psychology Technician also sends reminders to check your credits half-way through the semester.


    I just realised that I didn't earn the required number of credits or credits are missing.

    It is your responsibility to check that you have the required number of credits before the end of semester. The Psychology Technician also sends reminders to check your credits half-way through the semester. You can check your credits by logging in your StReP profile (first thing you see when you log in). If you notice you have not been given any credit(s) for a study you participated, contact the researcher of the study immediately. If the researcher fails to grant you your credit(s) please contact the Psychology Technician as soon as possible.


    I participated to a study but I didn't receive my credits. What should I do about it?

    For a lab study, please allow 48 hours for the system to give you the credit(s). If after this timeframe you still haven't received them, then please contact the researcher. If this fails contact the Psychology Technician

    For an online study, credits are typically granted immediately and automatically upon completion of the study. An online study is considered completed if you have agreed in the consent form, you have responded to the study all the way to the end and you fulfilled the inclusion criteria (if any).


    I forgot my login details.

    Your username is you student username i.e. initials of your full name and two or three numbers. To retrieve your password please visit our page and follow the instructions at the bottom.

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