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    Is there a guarantee that I can get all my participants from the StReP pool?

    No, there is no such guarantee. And for some studies, this may be an inappropriate pool due to the narrow range of the participants' demographical characteristics. 


    How do I add a study?

    If you haven't done so, email the Psychology Technician to add you as a researcher. Once you received your login details you can login as a researcher. Adding a study is pretty straightforward and the options self-explanatory but if you need assistance contact the Psychology Technician. Make sure you choose the option to make your study active. Once you have finished filling in your study's details click on the "Add study" button and send an approval request to the Psychology Technician through the platform.

    Things to note:
    • Make sure that you add your ethics approval code. Without this your study will not be approved.
    • Make sure that you give the appropriate number of credits. Currently is 0.5 credits per 15mins of participation time. Do not try to attract more participants (Ps) by giving 2 credits for e.g. 35mins but instead you should give 1.5 credits.
    • The maximum number of credits that can be given is 4. Even if your study takes more than two hours, no more than 4 credits can be given and credits cannot be transferred to next semester.


    How the credits are given? Is it something that I need to do?

    This depends on the type of study you have added to the StReP system:

    • If it is a lab study whereby you offered timeslots and Ps sign up to these slots then you should grant the credits manually within 48 hours after they completed your study.
    • If is a survey that has been created externally i.e. Qualtrics, then the credits are given automatically to the Ps if and only if the Ps have completed the survey in full. If they did not agree in the consent form page or they gave up at any point during the survey (or they fall within certain exclusion criteria) then the system will not grant them any credits. Please contact the technician to set up the automatic credit granting system for you.

    For studies that will not use the StReP system, no credits are given. For instance, if you emailed your survey to the participants or recruit participants from a class then no credits will be given and it is your responsibility to make this clear.


    I have set up my study and put it on StReP but no participants have signed up to it. What's wrong?

    This may be for a number of reasons:

    • You did not send an approval request to the Psychology Technician (see point 3 at the Manual for researchers). If the study is not approved it will not be visible to participants.

    • You did not set your study to Active (see point 3 at the Manual for researchers). If you did not set it to Active the study will not be visible to participants.

    • You did not add any timeslots (see point 3 at the Manual for researchers). If you did not add any timeslots the study will be visible to participants but they cannot sign up to it - because there are no timeslots to sign up to.

    • You published your study at a time when participants are either too busy to participate (e.g. just before or during exams), they have already finished collecting their credits, or you published it outwith semester time e.g. summer holidays.


    Can I offer monetary incentives (e.g. lottery draw) via StReP?

    Yes you can. Make sure you have included this incentive in your ethics application. To offer a monetary incentive, when you set up a new study, you must choose the paid option instead of the credits option. Note, you are not allowed to offer both monetary incentives and credits for the same study.


    How do I go about adding a survey hosted by Qualtrics (contact technician - Yiannis - for a free Qualtrics account)

    When you click "Add New Study" on the top of the bar, in the next window select the last option "Online External Study", either "Paid" or "Credit" (usually the latter). Please contact the Psychology Technician regarding how to allocate credits to the Ps. We currently use and recommend Qualtrics as a survey tool. Contact the Psychology Technician to give you directions on how to create a Quatrics account for free.


    A participant who signed up for my study did not turn up. What should I do about it?

    It depends.
    • If the Ps notified you prior to his timeslot then mark him/her as no-show/excused
    • If the Ps did not notify you then mark him/her as no-show/unexcused
    In either case no credits will be given to this Ps.

    For Qualtrics studies, you should never mark a participant no-show/excused or no-show/unexcused. If a participant is required to complete the survey within one of our labs (i.e. it's a lab study) then the rules above apply as usual.


    I forgot my login details

    Your StReP username is you student username. To retrieve your password please visit our page and follow the instructions at the bottom.


    How do I book a lab?

    Please visit our page and follow instructions.

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