Psychological Tests

    The Psychology Department has an extensive library of Psychological Tests.

    Procedure to follow:

      • Discuss with your supervisor what test(s) you will need for your study.
      • Check that the test(s) you need is available in our Psychological Tests Library.
      • If the test(s) is included in the Psychological Tests Library book an appointment with the Psychology Technician stating the name of the test(s) you will need .
      • If a test is available, you and your supervisor will need to fill in and sign a Psychology Test Loan form. The student will also need to sign in the Log Book (the Log Book is kept in the Psychology Technician's office).
      • When you borrow a test it is your responsibility to maintain it in good standards. Report any damages to the Technician. If you do not need the test any more then kindly return it even if it is not due yet.


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