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    For online surveys we use Qualtrics. 

    School of Social Sciences (SoSS) pays for the license and it is only available to staff & students in SoSS.

    The Experimental Officer- Yiannis - provides support with Qualtrics.

    If you are a SoSS student/staff contact Yiannis to create an account for you.

    If you have accidentally created a trial account and you have built a survey using the trial account:
    1. In your trials account export your survey as .qsf (instructions)
    2. Ask the experimental officer to create an account for you
    3. In your HWU-based Qualtrics account import your survey (instructions)
    4. Yiannis cannot move data between a trial account and a HWU licensed account. You will need to contact Qualtrics support yourself (instructions HWU login is required).

    Click HERE for an FAQ on Qualtrics. In the majority of cases this is all you need to build your own survey. It is recommended to meet the Yiannis after you finish to go over it together.

    We have a pool of psychological scales converted into Qualtrics surveys. To access this pool visit LINK (HWU login is required). 

    For instructions on how to import these surveys into your own HWU Qualtrics account visit LINK (HWU login is required).

    Note: If you plan to also use StReP to recruit participants contact the technician to link the the two together. Do not attempt to publish your survey before you meet him.

    Microsoft Stream for Transcription
    Software provided by HWU
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