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    For online surveys we use Qualtrics. School of Social Sciences pays for the license and it is not available to students of other Schools.

    The Experimental Officer- Yiannis - provides support with Qualtrics to SoSS students only.

    Yiannis also offers tutorials to all EDI 3rd year Psychology students. 

    Click HERE to create a free account: Ignore the box that asks for "Access code". Use your HWU email address otherwise it will not work –please create a password of at least 10 characters long otherwise it will display an error.  Qualtrics will then send a verification email. Often this email lands in the Junk/Spam folder. Please check this folder too before you email me (it may take several minutes for the email to arrive).

    Note: Only the link above allows you to create a free Qualtrics account. If you instead visited Qualtrics homepage and created an account through it, then you will get a trial account and it will not let you export your data. In this case, the technician cannot provide any support; your account is with Qualtrics and they will only speak to account holders. If you reside in UK call Qualtrics at 020 3808 3311 to transfer your account to a HWU one. If you reside outside UK please visit their contact list page.

    Click HERE to login to Qualtrics after you have created an account.

    Click HERE for an FAQ on Qualtrics. In the majority of cases this is all you need to build your own survey. It is recommended to meet the technician after you finish to go over it together.

    To  download the IPIP survey ready with scoring set up click HERE (note, this is copyrighted material and can only be used by current HWU students and staff. Otherwise, written permission must be sought. Contact the technician)

    Note: If you plan to also use StReP to recruit participants contact the technician to link the the two together. Do not attempt to publish your survey before you meet him.

    Microsoft Stream for Transcription
    Software provided by HWU
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