Dr Mioara Cristea

    Brief general description

    Mioara Cristea finished a PhD thesis in Social Psychology at the University Alexandru Ioan Cuza (Iasi, Romania) in February 2011. She worked as a Postdoctoral fellow in Applied Social Pyshology within the Mobility and Behavior Psychology Lab at the French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks (IFSTTAR, France) for three years.
    She has joined the Department of Psychology, within the School of Life Sciences at Heriot-Watt University in August 2015. Her responsibilities include coordinating two courses for the UG Programmes (1st and 3rd year students), mentoring 20 UG students as well as supervising 14 UG students’ research projects. In addition, she is coordinating one course within the PG Business Programme.

    Research interests include social representations and communication, social norms, attitudes and risk taking, behavioural change and environment as well social emotions and social influence.



    Cristea, M. & Delhomme, P. (2016). The effects of co-presence on risk perception and intention to engage in risky behaviours. Journal of Safety Research, 56, 97-103. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jsr.2015.12.006
    Cristea, M. & Delhomme, P. (2015). Factors influencing drivers' reading and comprehension of on-board traffic messages. European Review of Applied Psychology, 65(5), 211-219. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.erap.2015.09.002
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    Curelaru, M., Neculau, A. & Cristea, M. (2012). What people think about cloning: social representations of this technique and its associated emotions? Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies 11, 3-30 (http://jsri.ro/ojs/index.php/jsri/article/view/580)
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    Conference proceedings

    Cristea, M., Paran, F., Delhomme, P. (2012). The role of motivations for eco-driving and social norms on behavioural intentions regarding speed limits and time headway. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 66, 1212-1217.
    Nastas, D., Onici, O., & Cristea, M. (2010). Systematic and comprehensive investigation of situational antecedents of embarrassment and other socio-moral emotions. Bulgarian Journal of Psychology 1-4, 123-137. Sofia: Bulgarian Psychology Society.
    Neculau, A., Cristea, M., Nastas, D. & Onici, O. (2008). Analiza psihosociala a Procesului Bologna [Psychosocial analysis of the Bologna Process]. Proceedings of the 5th National Conference, 72–77, Timisoara: Editura Universitatii de Vest.
    Cristea, M. (2007) – Professors’ resistance to change regarding the implementation of Bologna academic principles at the University Alexandru Ioan Cuza of Iasi. Proceedings of the Centenary of Psychology in Romania, 287–293, Bucharest: Editura Universitatii Bucuresti.

    Book chapters

    Cristea, M. (2015). Dezgustul: aspectele teoretice ale dezgustului moral [Disgust: theoretical aspects of the moral disgust]. In S. Boncu & Nastas, D. (Eds.). Emotiile complexe [Complexe emotions] (pp. 151–160). Iasi: Editura Polirom.
    Cristea, M. (2014). Forme ale violentei scolare [The types of school bullying]. In M. Curelaru (Ed.). Violenta in scoala. Repere pentru analiza si interventie [School bullying: analysis and intervention] (pp. 71–88). Iasi: Editura Universitatii Alexandru Ioan Cuza din Iasi.

    Invited talks

    Cristea, M. (April 2016). The theory of planned behaviour: application to road contexts. 3rd Conference “Diaspora in cercetarea stiintifica si invatamantul superior in Romania” [Diaspora in the Scientific Research and the Higher Education in Romania], Timisoara (Romania).

    Oral presentations/posters to international conferences

    Lansdown, T. & Cristea, M. (accepted, August 2016). Student Drivers’ Propensity to Engage with Distractions. International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology, Brisbane (Australia).
    Cristea, M. (July 2015). National vs. European identity and social representations of Europe among Romanian young people. 14th European Congress of Psychology, Milan (Italy).
    Ernst-Vintila, A. & Cristea, M. (September 2014). Contextes politiques et représentations sociales. Les représentations de l’injustice en contexte totalitaire et post-totalitaire [Political contexts and social representations. The social representation of injustice in totalitarian versus post-totalitarian contexts]. 10th International Conference of Social Psychology in French, Paris (France).
    Nastas, D., Pascal, E., & Cristea, M. (July 2014). Embarrassment, emphatic embarrassment and susceptibility to social influence: a comparison between two experiments. 17th General Meeting of the European Association of Social Psychology, Amsterdam (Netherlands).
    Cristea, M., Paran, F. & Delhomme, P. (June 2012). The role of motivations for eco-driving and social norms on behavioral intentions regarding speed limits and time headway. VIII International Conference on Applied Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, Paris (France).
    Pascal, E., Cristea, M. & Nastas, D. (July 2011). Embarrassment and susceptibility to influence. 16th General Meeting of the European Association of Social Psychology, Stockholm (Sweden).
    Cristea, M. & Neculau, A. (July 2011). Central or peripheral in the social representation of the European integration? A centrality check. 12th European Congress of Psychology, Istanbul (Turkey).
    Curelaru, M., Negură, I. & Cristea, M. (July 2010). The influence of the ideological – global context on social representations of the European Union. 10th International Congress on Social Representations, Gammarth (Tunisia).
    Nastas, D., Onici, O. & Cristea, M. (November 2009). Systematic and comprehensive investigation of situational antecedents of embarrassment and other socio-moral emotions. Southeast European Regional Conference of Psychology, Sofia (Bulgaria).
    Nastas, D., Onici, O. & Cristea, M. (October 2009). When asking for a flower people bring another one or a bouquet: Accounting emotions’ interference and co-occurrence in narratives of embarrassment. Conference on „Changing emotions”, Brussels (Belgium).
    Cristea, M. (July 2009). Romanians and the Process of European Integration: A Psychosocial Analysis. 11thEuropean Congress of Psychology, Oslo (Norway).



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