The Perception Lab is located in Lord Balerno Building, top floor. It is currently run by Dr Louise Delicato and research is conducted in the following areas:

    Visual Perception

    Research in the lab is concerned with how the brain processes what we see and how this can be used to understand physical and mental health. Typically, psychophysical methodology is used to investigate this

    Emotion Recognition

    We investigate the importance of visual signals in emotion recognition. For example, to what extent is an advantage for recognition of positive emotion over negative emotion due to the visual properties of the image, or the affect conveyed? Also, can emotion recognition from faces be used as an indicator of health and well-being?

    Motion and Depth Perception

    We are interested in the mechanism(s) that the brain uses to process motion and depth (from disparity); there is good evidence to suggest that they might be processed by a similar mechanism and we are developing experiments to test this hypothesis.


    For more information about Louise’s research please go to

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