Edinburgh Campus Testing Labs

    NNewly opened in September 2016, the Lord Balerno Labs at Heriot-Watt University houses a driving simulator with eye tracker technology, 2 two-way mirror observation rooms, a computer screen eye-tracker, 10 consistent-environment research cubicles, and specialist computer programmes.

    Using these labs gives our students highly sought-after experience using specialist computer programmes for psychological research and analysis such as PsychoPy and Qualtrics.


    Matthew, Christopher and Sarah are 4th Year Psychology Students using the Lord Balerno Lab to conduct research for their dissertation projects.


    Matthew is investigating how ‘wakeful rest’ affects memory consolidation in those with depressive traits and non-depressive traits. Using the wakeful rest technique, discovered by Heriot-Watt researchers, he is studying candidates with low, medium and high depressive traits as they attempt memory challenges.








    Christopher is using the lab’s eye tracker technology to test if those who use adblockers on their computer react differently to advertisements on computer screens compared to those who don’t.








    Sarah, who is hoping to work in special needs education support following graduation, is using the research cubicles to test whether or not taking a break after learning impacts memory consolidation for those with autism.







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