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Assistant Professor

I joined Psychology at HW in November 2014.

I am a Linguist and my main interest is on Language Pathologies in children and adults, with an emphasis on the syntax and its relation to other cognitive domains (memory, executive functions). My practical aim is to develop theoretical motivated instruments to investigate language impairments and to share these instruments with linguists, psychologists, neuroscientists and speech and language therapists.

I like to be part of research projects on language pathologies and I collaborate with many departments to develop a lively research community on language and cognition. Before joining HW I was in Newcastle University, Edinburgh University, Universita' di Trento, Milano Bicocca and CISCL (Interdepartmental centre on Cognitive study on language, Universita' degli studi di Siena).

As a linguist involved in the study of language pathologies, I strongly support the contamination of linguistic theory with cognitive psychology.

This year I will be involved in the teaching of Cognitive Psychology 1, Diversity, Research Methodology 1.

I am happy to supervise research projects on Language in typical as well as in atypical populations.



Edinburgh Campus
Room 2.59
David Brewster Building
+44 (0) 131 451 8136

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